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Who We Are

Light up your life with Logic

We know that most agents would use this space to wax lyrically about how unique, brilliant and downright “Complete Works of Shakespeare mixed with The Beatles” wonderful they are.

We could do the same but you’d lose interest quicker than an Icelandic Bank and we really don’t want to bore you with our pop perfect Soliloquies.

The bottom line is we love recruitment. Absolutely adore it. We love finding good people for good companies and we love it when a good client hires a quality person from us.

We accept recruitment can be a hassle and irritating for companies to have to use agencies and so we use our experience to provide a straightforward, ethical and value added service to everyone we deal with.

If we get it wrong, we own up and then the boss puts down his coffee, takes us into a soundproof room and uses grown-up words probably louder than necessary to ensure we do the right thing.

We only send an invoice if we do a really, really good job and find the right candidate for you; and if you hire them, well....YOU aren’t going to get it wrong are you? So we’ve got it right!


So what makes us Different?

Honestly, we aren’t all that different from a lot of other agents, in the same way that chips, triple cooked in goose fat aren’t too removed from oven chips made from potato dust..but which would you rather have on your plate? (There isn’t a free iPad for the correct answer by the way)

We understand we are in a service industry and love doing a good job that will make us stand out; if we fall short, let us know and we will put on our Pug hair shirts (very itchy) and make amends..

So, we are..

  • In love with the whole recruitment thingy, but no tongues, that’s just weird...
  • Dedicated to doing the best job we can (some of us have past lives to make amends for)
  • Accountable at every stage
  • Able to offer flexibility and a professional, knowledgeable, experienced and valuable service
  • Saving up for a warp speed generator.. Bitcoins welcome.

Let’s face it, if you HAVE to get involved in recruitment and you HAVE to use an agent, why not use us? We wash regularly and we will send you a picture of this grumble of Pug-Oreos if you want.. How’s that for temptation?